24 Rules/Lessons/Observations/Takeaways that I try to live my life by

As some of you may know, I turned 25 on November 4th.

In my life to this point, there have been many wins, losses, lessons, ups & downs

The following article is my 24 Rules/Lessons/Observations/Takeaways that serve as my personal compass.

I call these My DEEP Principles. The big thing here is that you will not agree with all 24, but I challenge you to grab a pen and paper and start creating your own personal compass ‘values’! It’s a fun exercise

1/ Always opt for long-term thinking over short-term gratification

In other words, use the compound effect in your favour, because it's either working for you or against you --but it's working regardless

This applies to business, relationships, content creation, fitness etc 

2/ F*ck an “identity”

I used to struggle with this a lot when I got so wrapped up in being an "athlete" that when I got injured & could no longer play, I was lost

Do not identify by titles, emotions/feelings, tribes, religions, status, skin colour or anything else

Just be 

3/ The only real risk in life is not taking any

It’s better to try something and fail than to never try at all, trying to be "perfect" (doesn't exist).

Often you'll find that there's actually beauty in "failure"

It's usually just a lesson in disguise 

4/ I love learning, but I hate school

Education takes many shapes / forms, but for me personally? I found that all school did was:

  1. a) try to force me in a neat little box for society
  2. b) make me a good little employee
  3. c) stifled creativity and critical thinking
  4. d) give me debt 

*I recognize that this is a nuanced topic, not black and white. I’m definitely not against all formalized education structures - there were many positives, and in hindsight, I did come out the other side. That being said, I have my opinions on the applicability of many courses in 4-year bachelor programs outside of STEM these days. I’ll do a podcast episode in the future on this topic.

5/ We only have 1 life to live (surprising, I know)

I personally prefer to maximize actually LIVING as opposed to trying to "make a living"

Fulfillment, Joy, Connection, Calm ---These are the keys to "happiness" in my book 

6/ I learn more from having genuine conversations with people than I do in formal education

I can learn more about a certain topic by talking to someone who is passionate about it than struggling to read some textbook on the same topic

It's what makes me a decent podcaster 

7/ I do not believe in retirement

The concept doesn’t make sense to me

Work 40+ years for a (not guaranteed) pension so you can buy a boat or take that trip you've always wanted to go on when you're 70?

I'm good bro, keep your pension

*My view on this will likely shift* 

8/ Being comfortable with being alone with yourself is a super power

Probably the most important lesson

I have learned more about myself spending time with no music, podcasts, TV, books, or any external stimulation than I have with all those things

Listen to yourself


9/ A calm mind, a healthy body and lack of suffering for myself and loved ones is the only thing that matters

- Calm mind trained through mindfulness

- healthy body achieved through proper nutrition, fitness, mobility

- lack of suffering through faith, prayer, love, connection 

10/ credit to Naval Ravikant for this one, but I prefer to play in the arena of wealth over the arena of status

We all play games in life - pick the one worth playing

- Status games (new lambo, reality tv show, poppin' ace of spaces)

- Wealth games (assets, FF, generational wealth) 

By the way, this is the podcast that CHANGED MY LIFE. I listen to it 3-4 times a year.

11/ If you really want anything, stop chasing it

Become the type of person who gets it

Actually become the type of person you want to be by reverse engineering the traits, habits, routines of somebody capable of achieving whatever it is

12/ Whatever you are not changing, you are choosing

I don't know where I saw this on twitter, but it became my phone wallpaper for a reason

We complain about shit that we don't like, but ultimately it's often our choice to accept that as our reality - otherwise...we'd change

13/ Deliberate Discomfort is the key to building a life worth living

It's putting yourself in uncomfortable situations intentionally

You learn that it's possible + it's where growth happens

Try this challenge if you need a reset

14/ If you're going to pursue something in life, chase fun - not money, status, fame or ass

Having fun is....fun

This doesn't need some deep, intellectual explanation, it's just fun


15/ Sometimes in order to move forward, you have to move backwards & that’s okay

Heard Naval Ravikant & Tim Ferris say something like "sometimes you have to climb down the mountain to make it to the top; few are willing to walk down in the first place"

Takes humility + self-awareness 

16/ Unlearning is the real learning

Often, it's more important to SUBTRACT than it is to ADD

Many of us think buying that new book, enrolling in that course, listening to that podcast will propel us forward (guilty)

This just leads to information overload


17/ Human beings are fundamentally the same

We all want similar things in life: health, wealth, happiness, lack of suffering for ourselves and our loved ones, a roof over our head, laughter, connection

It's because of this principle that I'm able to relate almost anybody 

18/ Podcasting helps people find their voice

In a world where you can create and publish a podcast from your smartphone, there's almost no excuse not to if you're looking for a medium to expand on your creativity, find your voice, grow your network, or monetize your brand 

19/ 10 Daily Practices that make me a better person

1) AM meditation

2) AM Affirmations

3) AM journaling

4) Mind Clearing Walks

5) Exercise for 45 minutes

6) Reading

7) Eat at least 80% clean


9) Learn something every day


20/ Your network IS your net worth

Pretty self explanatory, and you've heard it before - you're the sum of the people you're around

DON’t be the smartest person in the room

DON’T be afraid to trim the fat

DO connect & collaborate 

21/ Add value to peoples lives & you'll never worry about money again

While you're young invest in learning high-income skills that allow you to generate income at will

If you're selling your time for $ at a job, just remember you're expendable

Don't overthink this 

22/ Strategies to cope when sh*t seemingly hits the fan

- pen to paper, dump everything on your mind onto that paper

- keep things in perspective. A year from now, it almost definitely won't matter

- don't respond when emotional

- go for a long walk

- go for a long drive 

23/ If you can't train yourself to be happy right now with what you have, you'll never be happy

People waste their whole lives embodying the "Arrival Fallacy"

Oh once I get X, THEN I'll be happy

F*ck that noise

All we have is right now 

24/ It's Not That Deep


None of this means shit

Don't take yourself, myself, or any of reality too seriously

Don't over complicate life

Have fun with it, friends :)

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